Making a SOLEful Footprint in the Lives of Others

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Making the Communities Aware of the Need

Footprints of Michigan, Inc.  in Lansing Michigan, is dedicated to building a better, stronger, civic-minded communities. We welcome people from all over, encouraging residents to participate in our events by volunteering there time. In the past three years, we have distributed Thousands of assorted footwear to not only the homeless, but also adults and children in need for casual footwear, job interviews, work related steel toed boots, and special events.

Diversity Is Truly an Asset

Helping those in need is our belief that all people of all backgrounds, cultures, and economic status feel included, welcome, and vauled. Join us in our mission by getting to know how you can Make a SOLEful Footprint in the Lives of Others. Your community is our community, and we are all part of it together.

Why Choose Footprints of Michigan, Inc. to donate?

We are a Not For Profit organization. All of the footwear donations are NEVER sold but are given directly to those in need, not just in Mid-Michigan, but throughout the State.