Youth Programs

We are planning lots of events to partner up with corporations to help our youth have the proper footwear for school and sporting activities.

We will be announcing the name of the youth campaign in 2018.

At Footprints of Michigan, Inc., we believe our volunteers are the "Heart of our SOLE" and without their kindness and dedication to serve those in need, our mission would not be possible. If you would like to join us and become a Foot Soldier go to the contact page and leave your information and a representive will contact you shortly.

Supporting other Nonprofits


Soles4Vets is a campaign under the association of Footprints of Michigan, Inc. and was started to help those Veterans in need with new footwear and socks. These items are given at Veteran stand downs across the State of Michigan. These stand downs which are typically one to three day events provide supplies and services to veterans in need, such as food, shelter, clothing and health screenings.

Footprints of Michigan, Inc. provides footwear to some of the most effective nonprofits in the Mid Michigan area. The organizations we work with know firsthand the greater need for proper footwear. From street outreach teams to homeless shelters we provide what we can to those in need. Together we can.